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Solar Panels

About Us

SunPro Energy Corp. Solar panels for the city of Los Angeles are clean energy. We offer solar power to homeowners, businesses, schools, and government organizations at a lower price than they pay for the energy produced by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas.

Our mission is to help millions of homeowners; Businesses and the city's Department of Electricity are turning to clean, renewable solar energy and energy efficiency to protect them from rising electricity costs and protect their environment from polluting energy sources.

Solar Panels Los Angeles

Who We Are

SunPro Energy is a leading solar company in the industry with world-class solar panels in the US and the best international panels ever produced in the industry and a design and installation department recognized throughout the City Planner / Permit Division for exceptional performance and satisfaction recognized by our customers. We are also proud of our PACE-approved home efficiency department (CA State Approved Efficiency Program); Most homes are certified to be more energy efficient as part of efficiency improvements approved by the state of California. Visit our website for more information and call me if you have any questions.

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the energy that the earth receives from the sun, which allows it to generate solar electricity.

Photovoltaic Energy

The energy that is converted into electricity by incident solar energy (light) is called photovoltaic energy. This is done with solar cells. Each of us can benefit from solar energy applications.

Why we should go Solar

We at SunPro Energy Oy believe that as a company it is always important to see the big picture

We have a huge impact on our planet

Rich countries have a huge impact on climate change due to our population density and individual energy consumption. The more devices we own and control, the more energy we use. The environmental impact of burning fossil fuels in poor countries is due to the fact that they have few alternatives.

Solar energy helps to not be dependent on energy suppliers and their price increases.

That's why solar isn't just for the rich or the poor, it's for everyone.


Solar energy benefits the environment.

Solar energy helps save money.

Solar energy helps you to be independent of electricity.

Solar panels are easy and safe to install.

Solar energy is the future.

SunPro Energy Corp.
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